Own Your Area’s Dominant Fundraising Business!

MOMS & DADS for Kids–The Nations #1 fundraising business for schools, youth sports teams, and church youth groups!

Thank you for your interest in MOMS & DADS for Kids, the nation’s #1 youth fundraiser! MOMS & DADS for Kids is very proud to be rated #1 in the three most important youth fundraising categories:

1) Return – MOMS & DADS for Kids has the highest return to organizations in the fundraising industry at 80% to 95%

2) Limiting the hours of work by the children, parents, and group leaders

3) Consumer value 

MOMS & DADS for Kids is a subscription- based Web site that offers subscribers premier discounts from many favorite local and national retailers and restaurants.

Subscribers will receive biweekly reminder emails that include top discounts and access to other featured offers listed on our handout which is sold with the subscription card.

Groups sell subscriptions to our website for $25 and they get to keep $20. This 80% return is the highest in the country!

In addition to this 80% return, the customer has an opportunity to renew their subscription to our Web site which returns another $20 to the group that originally sold the subscription (a 160% return)! WOW! No other fundraiser company is even close.

The youth groups sell to over 75% of the people they talk to about MOMS & DADS for Kids

MOMS & DADS for Kids have the greatest fundraiser value for its customers.

How much PROFIT could a mature MOMS & DADS for Kids Business produce financially?
Two revenue sources: Fundraisers & Advertisement sales

Each MOMS & DADS for Kids Business has a minimum of 40 large public high schools. Each of those areas should have fundraisers that sell 2000 MOMS & DADS for Kids subscription cards for each school season (fall, winter, and spring). That is a total of 6000/year.

Each subscription card is sold for $25. MOMS & DADS for Kids’ business owner invoices the group for $5. Each of the 40 large public high school areas selling 6000 and invoicing for $5 = $30,000 totaling $1,200,000 annually.

There should be no more than 25% to cover overhead:

  • 58 cents/pre-printed subscription card Shell (for all cards purchased from MOMS & DADS for Kids after the first 2000 which are purchased at $5.00 per card by a territory owner)
  • 17 cents/graphics and printing on each subscription card shell
  • 50 cents commission for a sales representative
  • $1.25/ subscription card overhead(that is 25% of the $5 the owner receives for each $25 sale)


  • 100% of advertisement revenue is the territory owners
  • 25 exclusive advertisement categories(this number can vary in each market + or – 5 )
  • $790/advertisement
  • 25% to 50% for advertisement sales representatives
  • $100,000 to $500,000 annual profit from territory advertisement

Complete MOMS & DADS for Kids Training & Support

  • We have broken our training process up into five stages. These five stages are available to you and your reps every week.
  • Every month we have Territory Owner Webinars.
  • Regular group conference call trainings and annual conventions
  • Full support staff available for you daily, M-F, 8-5 CST
  • All the forms, and marketing templates needed to run the business
  • Technical, administrative and marketing support
  • Exclusive protected territories

If you would like a further explanation of how our business may work for you, contact MOMS & DADS for Kids today at 715-612-1151

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